Department of Cognitive Psychology (CP)


  Dr. Javad Hatami

Director Assistant: 

Dr. Vida Mirabolfathi



The CP department is concerned with basic and applied research in perception, human learning and memory, executive functions, problem-solving, decision making, and intelligence, as well as their applications to everyday settings. Much of the research in the CP department bridges between these various fields of specialization in clinical and non-clinical groups. The team at the CP department uses a wide range of psychological, cognitive, and neuroscientific methods to study different cognitive and brain mechanisms. The department offers a Master of Science (M.S.) program and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in Cognitive Psychology and Social Cognition that aims to examine some of the most important human phenomena, including attitudes, person-perception, prejudice, stereotypes, self-concept, discrimination, persuasion, decision-making, etc.

The department aims to provide opportunities for enthusiastic students to conduct researches that end up in cognitive technologies and services.

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