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PhD students of the Institute of Higher Education of Cognitive Sciences are invited to register and schedule a lecture related to their dissertation in the weekly scientific meetings of the Institute with Dr. Vida Sadat Mirabolfathi at

The program of scientific lectures of the Institute of Higher Education of Cognitive Sciences is held every week in the form of a webinar on Thursdays from 12:00 to 13:30. The webinar address is

According to the decision of the Educational and Research Council, each doctoral student of the institute must give a lecture in this program at least once during their studies. The title of the student's lecture must be directly related to the subject of his / her dissertation. Also, each PhD student must attend at least four lecture programs as a listener during the course of study. One of the conditions for agreeing to convene a final defense session of the institute's doctoral students' dissertation is to register for the lecture and participate in at least four lecture sessions.

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